About us

We are First Class
We make Interior Designs

The First Class company one of the leading companies in the field of decoration, interior design as one one of the companies specialized in designs :-.

Restaurants, Stores, Pharmacies, Exhibitions, Villas, Apartments, Administrative, Tourist Facilities, Hotels, Chalets and Swimming Pools.

This why first class company one of the leading companies in the design and implementation of integrated business through it`s Big Potential.

Skills &


- Specialists Engineers in implementations.

- Specialist technician office at the highest level to study projects, the work of designs and architectural drawings.

- Specialists in project management and employment.

- The ability to rapidly implement everything required by the project in record time with the latest equipment.

- Skilled technical manpower specialized in all actions of the company.


- Professionals in using the latest engineering programs in the design Process.

- Implementation of all kinds of construction and concrete tasks.

- Implementation of all kinds of marble, as well as drawings on marble.

- Implementation of suspended ceilings (GibsonBoard).

- Specialists in all types of carpentry at our factory.

- Implementation of all kinds of interior and exterior paints.

- Implementation of ceramic and porcelain works.

- Implementation of all kinds of stainless steel.

- Implementation of all electrical works according to specifications approved engineering standard.



List Of Our Finished Projects

These are the project we have done since we start working, in it you will find different kind of projects type like : Pharmacies, Stores, Villas etc....